FREE WEBINAR: 4 Best Modern Worship Guitar Chords (Get Started the Right Way)

Join me for this FREE live webinar lesson!  I’m going to show you the 4 chords every guitar player should learn FIRST and use the MOST!  First, I’ll teach you how to easily form these 4 modern worship chords and then I’ll show you the tricks that the pros use to make them sound awesome.  … Read more

How Many Kings Song Lesson With Simple Chords

Song: How Many Kings by Downhere from Ending is Beginning Chords in key of G with capo on 4th fret! Band: Hey guys and gals,  you can play this great song with just a few chords!  I have outlined the chord charts here and the video will be up tomorrow! In the original live radio … Read more

Free Song Lesson – Joy to the World

If you have been using my method then you know that you can play any of your favorite Christmas hymns and songs with EASY chords.  No more switching every beat and playing those impossible chords…… Joy to the World Chord Chart – Click to Download   Join the Free Member’s Area – Click Here

Learn the basics of building simple triads (chords)

This is the foundation of every chord!  If you really want to understand how to build chords and use all types of chords like suspensions, 7ths and altered chords, you need to grasp the concept of building simple triads.  This is the Major and Minor triad being built in the key of C.  Click the … Read more