Why 8 chords and how did you make it so easy???

First of all, I didn’t make it easy, I just made it easy for you to understand and have structured my program in a way that gets you playing tons of songs right up front and keeps the guitar student encouraged and excited. I teach, in a systematic way, important elements of guitar technique and music theory to help you build the solid foundation of a professional musician. After studying music at a university, teaching private lessons to over 40 students each week and using the guitar on the stage and in the studio professionally for many years, I had an “aha!” moment. Looking over several worship sets for my band at a large church where I was leading worship, I realized that my band could play several months or even a year of worship sets using the most popular songs of the culture and never use more than 8 chords. In fact, many of the top 10 songs dating all the way back to the beginning of popular music and the songs of the great pop, rock and blues driven bands made hits in multiple genres of music with simple 4 chord progressions. Those of you who have studied music know that all Western music, especially popular music, is founded and based up the major scale, which consists of only 7 chords. So why should beginning guitar players struggle for years memorizing hard to play chords and techniques that are not even needed to play the most popular songs of our culture? My course could safely be called 8 Chords 10,000 songs! Why? Because there is really no limit to the amount of popular songs that you can play with the 8 chords I teach. That’s good news for my students and those who aspire to play guitar. In addition to the easy methods and chords my students learn, by the end of the course, my students will learn far more than 8 chords and be able to play about in song in almost any genera. But in the beginning, they learn a foundation with 8 simple and easy to play chords that will be chords that they use the most even as professional guitarists. I use simple fingerings and modern voicing for the most popular chords along with great strumming patterns that can be applied to any style of guitar music.

I also believe that anyone can learn this instrument and develop the skills needed to become a great guitar player if they have a desire to learn and a passion for playing music. Playing guitar and creating music has been a live love for me since I got my first guitar in the 8th grade. Before that school year was over, my newly formed band was playing at the 8th grade dance. Since that performance, I have been hooked and have pursued my love for music. At age 17, I accepted Christ and began using my talents for God. Leading worship, teaching others music and writing/recording music are just a few ways that I have been using my talents so far. As I teach my students, I know that some will go on to do ministry and to write and play songs that glorify God. This is my main reason for connecting with students and helping them learn the necessary skills for becoming a successful and professional level musician. It really all starts with just a few chords and a desire to learn. When I find a student who really has a drive to learn this instrument, it just happens. There is nothing that can stop them. My course is for those who have that desire to learn. If that is you or someone that you know, I challenge you to try it! It would be my honor to help you begin one of the greatest journeys in life… to learn an instrument and to use it for the glory of God.