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"You know, I got back into the guitar after 20 years of not playing (and I was never very good to begin with). Your 8 Chords/100 Songs book is what gave me the confidence to start playing at church. Being part of the worship team is a great blessing in my life. I am glad you had the vision to teach online. Thanks again and God Bless, By the way, your course and song book has allowed me to play well enough to play with my church’s worship team. You can see us doing Shine Jesus Shine on YouTube!  Thanks and God Bless" – Wishing You Life’s Best, Rick Dwyer

“Gave me the confidence to start playing at church”

I’d like to offer some thanks and encouragement.  I have evaluated every Christian self-study music program on the market.  I have spent a lot of money purchasing products.  Your course is the most structured and easiest to follow.  I am teaching my 4 homeschool kids using your video’s and books.  We  have purchased 4 of your online courses/books and have 5 guitar/piano song books from Amazon. I had tried piecing together guitar/piano curriculum and it was driving me batty. It was too disjointed and the kids were not making progress.  Then I found your course.  Now that I have them on 8chords100songs they are whizzing through songs and gaining more confidence and they aren’t afraid to tackle a new song. -God Bless, Chris Bracken, Orlando Florida

“Most structured and easiest to follow”

“I really believe the way you presented the material was excellent. The CD’s are like having you in person each time it was used (at home). Learning the G, C and D chords quickly got my attention and let me know I could do it. I once wondered if I would be able to learn to play. You made a believer out of me. This has been a lifetime dream finally come true!” – Pastor Bob Jones

“You made a believer out of me”

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