Learn Fast. Play Well. WOrship Always

Learning to play in a band proficiently takes years, right?
Wrong! Our program trains you to play in the band in a matter of months or even weeks, not years


Once you can play a few chords and patterns you can use my simple charts to start playing songs you love.


The single fastest, easiest, and best way to have success with your instrument is to follow the correct path and I've laid it out for you.


The simple fact is you are just a few lessons away from being able to play and use your talent in ministry and making a great impact for God and your community.



You can learn your instrument to a level where you can begin playing songs, join the band, and start serving in your worship ministry.  Simply follow along with one of the guided foundational courses to learn exactly what you need to know. 


"It’s somewhat limitless what you can do with 3 or 4 chords. Realistically you can sound out most popular songs with those simple chords"
Noah Back
"One of the things that I learned from Eric was the simplicity of most worship songs and the ease at which they can be played. "
Fred Perkins
"The change came through the course with the simplification of the chords, and the repetition, and the 5 minutes a day… the course really set me off."
Dan Wilhelm
"Now I look at myself playing and leading worship, it’s just like an extension of my hands now to make music and worship God"
Wirt Garcia


Courses and learning paths for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, vocals, drums, bass, theory, audio and livestream technology, and worship leadership and band building.  My step-by-step video sessions take you up close and in depth to the most important foundational elements of learning and mastering your instrument. 

Books and Online Courses

You get the best of both worlds! Follow along in the ebooks, charts and sheets, watch the online videos and use my special lesson plans to take you every step of the way.

Progress Tracking

Don't lose track of your progress and see how far you have come. Use the lesson tracking to mark off each lesson and celebrate your progress!

Never Alone

Ask your question via chat or the student support form and I can answer them in emails or inside my weekly live feeds. Also you can join the FB community to stay connected.

Industry Endorsements

"You give them basic training so that any church can build a worship team with those who are already in the church."
Thom Rainer
"Eric Roberts has a great program. I know this is going to be used by God and I think your church can benefit from it."
Jason "Bubba" Stewart
Kentucky Baptist Music & Worship Consultant

The WTK Learn Fast or Your Money Back, No-Hassle 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.


Enroll today and you will have instant access to every WTK course including the GOLD sessions and the Play and Sing song sessions.  You will be able to start playing and studying right away as soon as you checkout.  Select Monthly or Yearly membership plan and and Checkout with the trusted WooCommerce checkout and get started learning and feeling more confident as a musician today!   



Cancel Any Time
30-Day 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee!
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Cancel Any Time
30-Day 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee!
Monthly and annual membership renew automatically.

Ministry Scholarships
We offer assistance to help pay for your learning through the WTK Scholarship. 
If you are trying to learn so you can serve in your church and community and can not
afford the membership fee, please click on Ministry Scholarship.  

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