Be still and know…

Today during worship, I let go for just a moment and stopped looking at the worship band, the stage, the lights and at every single part of a worship service.  I stepped back with my mind and looked at the whole picture.  I saw something very nice.  I began to see just 1 big picture… … Read moreBe still and know…

What level is your course?

Answers from the archives: UPDATE FEB 2019 – Most of the courses are now with DVDS or online streaming videos!  So when I mention CD… that’s old school! This was the first edition of the 8chords100songs worship guitar course… This course will teach you to play any worship song with simple chords.  If you already … Read moreWhat level is your course?

Songbooks to help you play your favorite songs

Purchase great songbooks with many songs to play for worship at the WTK online store. I have chosen several great songbooks from major publishers that you can use to play all of the top songs you love for worship or check out my Amazon shop for all my up to date favorites! Also for thousands of … Read moreSongbooks to help you play your favorite songs

Why 8 chords and how did you make it so easy???

First of all, I didn’t make it easy, I just made it easy for you to understand and have structured my program in a way that gets you playing tons of songs right up front and keeps the guitar student encouraged and excited. I teach, in a systematic way, important elements of guitar technique and … Read moreWhy 8 chords and how did you make it so easy???