Songbooks to help you play your favorite songs

Purchase great songbooks with many songs to play for worship – See all songbooks!

I have chosen several great songbooks from major publishers that you can use to play all of the top songs you love for worship or check out my Amazon shop for all my up to date favorites!

Also for thousands of good worship and top Christian chords sheets, check out Rockin’ The Cross at

This site has a monthly fee but offers the largest library of Christian music chord sheets. I have been a member for 4 years and use their sheets for worship all the time. You can also transpose all of the sheets to any key to make any songs playable for you at your level. (8 Chords 100 Songs is not affiliated with Rockin’ The Cross) 

Songbooks that will help you along the way:

I use mainly Hal Leonard songbooks. They are one of the largest publishers and theirs books can be found and ordered at about every bookstore including Borders and Barns.  I am making these suggestions to my students.  These songbooks may contain more than 8 chords, but my students will be able to play songs from each of these books with no problem.  Be sure to note the difficulty notes.  Most of the once that get the “Hard” rating contain a good amount of songs in hard to play keys like Eb and F.  These songs can be transposed (which I teach in detail in book 3) but will take a bit more work and understanding of the guitar. We will begin to cary these on our site soon. Until then, try or a local bookstore.

Suggested Songbooks:

Best Praise and Worship Songs Ever – About 25.00


Medium to hard song charts but contains some of the top songs

Gospel’s Greatest – about $30.00


Fake book with medium to hard charts

The Hymn fake Book – About 35.00


Easy to hard difficulty

Huge book of hymns with easy to hard arrangements.  Definitely think it’s a good book for my students.  Some songs are going to need to be simplified and transposed, but I teach you how to do all of that.

Other Styles:

The Greatest Guitar Songbook


About $20.00

Very versatile from easy to hard charts with 6 different types of transcription from the Hal Leonard style.  Includes songs from different styles but mostly popular music. (Secular)

50 Songs with just 3 Chords – About $15.00

ISBN 0-943748-47-x

Easy to medium difficulty

Folk type songs.  But don’t be confused, there are way more than 3 chords in the book.  Its just that no song contains more than 3 chords.  Plays in several different keys.


Learning Other Musical Instruments:

101 Singing Tips – about $15.00


Great for beginning singers that want to take the next step.  Includes info and exercises about singing