WGBS Leader Week 1

It is important this week to get everyone comfortable with holding the guitar and memorizing the OPEN UP, LINE UP, GRAB, TILT technique.  Each one of the quick tips in the student workbook is extremely important and you will repeat and reinforce these for the whole 6 weeks.

Most people won’t make a beautiful sounding G chord in the first hour of the class, but they will have it by the time they get back to class next week.  Let them know it’s OK to take some time and practice and the chord will come alive this week if they put in their 5 minutes of practice.

Make sure everyone has access to their online practice sessions or has the practice DVD before they leave!  I don’t want anyone to miss out on practice time because they can’t figure out how to create and login to their WTK account, so I have provided you with a simple link and password that you can give to anyone who is having trouble accessing their online practice videos for week 1.  The specific instructions are found in their student workbook and I have also included an easy video tutorial on this page to help them get their full access.

Be sure they contact me if they need assistance creating their online account or help them after class.