WGBS Leader Introduction

SUPPORT:  Don’t do this alone!  I’m here for you. 

  • Call or text me anytime at 615-716-0312
  • Email me at eric@worshiptheking.com


Thank you for taking the time and spending your energy leading this awesome class!  Your role is critical and super important.  Although you should know some basic chords and have some guitar experience, you don’t have to be a guitar expert to lead this class.  I will do all of the core teaching and you will be there to lead, support, and encourage.  I’m going to be with you every step of the way with videos, tips, tricks, insights and encouragement.  It is important that you are upbeat and encouraging… I guess you could call yourself the class cheerleader and the “never give up” guru.  The first few weeks of learning the guitar can be tough.  You may experience some pain in their fingers and hear some really strange sounds coming from that beautiful box of wood called the guitar.  Don’t worry and don’t give up because if you follow along and practice a little every day, you will begin to hear some marvelous music coming from that box of wood.  Your first goal as the class leader is to keep every single person coming back and practicing every day for the entire 6 weeks of this course.  Everything else will fall into place beautifully and you and the participants will achieve great things.

We are working toward week 6 when everyone in the class will be able to play a full worship song.  In week 6, I encourage you to give the group the opportunity to record a group video playing the song.  You can upload this video to the myWTK Facebook group or send it to me via massager or email.

If you can, join the myWTK Facebook Group.  Through the Facebook group, I can give you really fast feedback and you can get to know others studying the course around the world.  I am able to quickly answer your questions and even post video responses to your questions.

Class Time Schedule Guideline  

1 hour and 15 minutes Total

7:00 – Welcome/Fellowship/Tune

7:10 – Pray and Start Devotion 8-10 min

7:20 – Discussion

7:30 – Guitar Lesson (15-20 min)

7:50 – Practice

8:00 – Wrap up practice time and start packing up


8:15 – Out of there!