Setting Up your Music and Band Training Space (Video Podcast Session)

You don’t have to have any equipment to start training!   The most important thing is to start now and start with what you have.   

Special Webinar about Setting Up a Jam Space


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Once you have committed to training new people you have to get creative 

  •  Jam sessions  
  • Small group sessions  
  • Private lesson sessions  
  • Outreach events 

Instruments you may need  

  • Guitar  
  • Bass 
  • Drums 
  • Piano/keyboard 

First Option – Use Stage  

  • Work with leader  
  • Communicate!!! 
  • Get help 

Option 2 – Create a dedicated room for band practice  

Setup Options  

  • fender passport $400-$800
  • Your own portable setup $500-$1000 

These portable systems can be used in many ways and they are a good investment for whole church 

Equipment Links  (Amazon Affiliate Links)

Mini PA System for user $300  

Fender Passport  

My Mixing Board  

Powered PA Speakers (low cost) 

Behringer PA Speakers about 300 each