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Join me in this audio tech foundations bundle. This is an ongoing conversation through master classes as well as special access to my print, video, and audio training sessions. When you enroll in Audio Tech Foundations, you will gain access to my monthly master class for running audio and tech for your church. The main focus is audio and mixing for the worship experience. You will also receive immediate access to the special member question submission form. You are encouraged to submit you specific questions about running sound and tech for your church. I will answer your questions in the monthly master class and add each session to the growing archives of audio training sessions which you can search and watch at any time!

NEW!  Now includes livestream sessions for mixing broadcast and setting up livestream setup for your church or youtube channel.

I am teaching the nuts and bolts of sound system setup and and ear training for mixing. I also teach a winning philosophy that will help you become an extremely good audio tech and band mixer for the church. The audio mixer is really the worship leader’s best friend. I can show you how to become the best kind of friend and a fill the vital role as a worship audio tech for you church.

Currently includes:

  • 8 videos session (102 minutes)
  • Plus over 15 more session, podcasts, webinar sessions, and videos
  • Growing every week as I add training and answer questions in live webinars