Transpose and Play Ebook

NOTE:  This book has been updated and is now called Play and Sing Theory Unlocked!


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My new book Transpose and Play is an awesome guide for any musician trying to play from chord sheets. It works great for guitar and piano players! I help you fully understand how to transpose those hard to play chord charts to the easy key of G C or D. With a few simple steps and the use of my extraordinary Master Transposition Chart, you don’t need a music degree to make it happen. Just follow my simple steps and you will be able to master any song in any key.

Includes easy modern chord shapes for guitar and piano. This will open a whole new world of professional chords and playing to you. I bring a fresh play smarter not harder approach to every song. You will finally be able to use the same techniques that the pro players use to sound awesome with easy chords.

Just try it today and you will be able to master any song chart in any style of music with my easy transposition system.

It’s not rocket science, but it does take some time to sink in and now my new book explains it all in a way that you can understand! You are just moments away from being a chord strumming genius and you will fully understand music theory and chords in a whole new way.

Includes 4 Powerful Charts to Lead You Along:
> Easy Modern Guitar and Piano Chord Charts
> Master Transposition Chart
> Chords Substitution Chart
> Capo and Key Changing Charts

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