New Next Level Piano Coming Soon

When I started 8chords100songs in 2004, it was a GUITAR program!  Since our launch of the Modern Worship Piano Success Kit in 2009, we have made a huge splash in the modern worship piano lesson category.  It really is a very popular instrument and there are not enough programs and lesson available for the piano … Read more

How to pick your worship team

This is one of the most important things you are going to do as you build your worship ministry.  As a leader, you will be left with this great responsibility.  These waters are often murky and hard to navigate but with some core values you can pick a strong  team and keep it growing.  I … Read more

Songbooks to help you play your favorite songs

Purchase great songbooks with many songs to play for worship at the 8 Chords online store. I have chosen several great songbooks from major publishers that you can use to play all of the top songs you love for worship. Also for thousands of good worship and top Christian chords sheets, check out Rockin’ The … Read more