FREE WEBINAR: 4 Best Modern Worship Guitar Chords (Get Started the Right Way)

Join me for this FREE live webinar lesson!  I’m going to show you the 4 chords every guitar player should learn FIRST and use the MOST!  First, I’ll teach you how to easily form these 4 modern worship chords and then I’ll show you the tricks that the pros use to make them sound awesome.  … Read more

Mighty to Save Easy Piano Lesson with Chords

Use this simple technique to play Mighty to Save with easy chords.  This free lesson is a continuation of the Modern Worship Piano Lessons Program.   Click on this post to watch the video! This is a Nashville Number Chart of the Song:  The numbers correspond to chords in the key of G 1 G    … Read more

How Great is Our God Easy Piano Chord Free Lesson

In this videoI am showing you a new technique I call “rocking the fifths” for playing by chord.  With this  technique, you roll the fifths from the left and right hand and you get a flowing sound you can use to play How Great is Our God and others.  I am preparing a new video … Read more

My Music Theory Class 101 Available now

Have you always wanted to really understand music theory? Now it is just a few clicks away. I have created an online music theory class with easy to understand whiteboard style video tutorials. You can learn everything you need to know about music theory and how you can use it to become a better musician! … Read more