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This book is a compilation of the most important charts and lessons to help you learn to play piano the easy way.  For decades, people have been playing the piano by chords and ear.  The truth is, you can play tons of pop, rock, country, and songs in many styles with simple chords and patterns.  In fact, most of the songs you hear on the radio today are being played by musicians that did not learn or play the piano in the traditional note first method of teaching that is standard in piano lesson programs.  It may seem strange, but many of those musicians don’t even read notes!  It’s true.  Just the guitar, the piano is often used as an accompanying harmonic instrument.  I’m going to take you on a journey to learn to play the piano by chord and ear in easy to play keys.  Once you know how to play a few chords, you can play hundreds of songs… way before you ever learn to read music notation.  I’m also going to teach you the foundations of music theory as it is used by professional musicians… I’m not talking about reading notes on the staff… I’m talking about understanding the patterns of music theory and how it applies to all music.  I’ll show you how to master it and use it to play real music that sounds awesome.
I have created a new revolutionary method for writing and understanding the rhythm patterns on the piano similar to guitar strumming patterns.  I’m going to teach you these patterns and how easily use them with chords to play any song well (without years of note reading lessons).
Over the years, I have taken the confusing topics and broke them down into cool charts and easy to chew bites.  You can look at this and finally feel confident as a piano player.  Step by step, you will unlock your potential as you study and practice through this book.  This book is made for anyone just starting out and has enough awesome material for someone who has been playing for decades.
There are videos, audio, download and cool stuff to help you on the journey!  You can find those videos and lessons in the WTK members and on the WTK YouTube channel.



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