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The easiest to play and and most accurate chord charts are now in one amazing book!  The best songs from one of the most successful Christian worship artist are now easy to play on guitar and include simple chords and rhythm slashes to help you know exactly when to change chords.

Every song is in the key of G to make it extremely easy to learn and play Easy slash marks so you know exactly when to switch chords.Songs in this book include: 10,000 Reasons, Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone), Because He Lives, Build My Life, Christ is Enough, Cornerstone, Death Was Arrested, Do it Again, Found in you, Glorious Day, Good Good Father, Holy Spirit, King of My Heart, Lion and the Lamb, Lord I Need Your, Living Hope, Nobody Loves me Like You, No Longer Slaves, O Come to the Altar, Raise a hallelujah, Reckless Love, Strong God, The Blessing, This is Amazing Grace, Tremble, Way Maker, What a Beautiful Name, Who You Say I Am, and Bonus WTK Songs Including All Because of You, You Are Good, I Saw new, One and Only, Sing it Out, The Name That Saves, At Your Feet.

I spent many years searching for the best chord charts while preparing for weekly worship services but I became frustrated with because most charts published seem inaccurate to the real life song (the way that the artist would actually play the song on stage). Also many charts include unnecessary chords that get in the way and make it hard for most musicians to actually sound good playing the song. That is why I have written these simple, accurate, and easy-to-play charts. Using my charts, you can play these great songs with 4-5 simple modern chord shapes on guitar or piano. My simple one-page charts will help you play with ease and help you put more focus on what really matters… worshiping God!

This book has some great features including:
-Strum and Play along on guitar or piano with my YouTube videos for every song at  
-Every song is in the key of G to make it extremely easy to learn and play
-Easy slash marks so you know exactly when to switch chords.
-NO note reading required. You get the same charts the band uses every week to lead worship!

How the book is made: Unlike a traditional songbook, this book contains NO LEAD LINES on the musical staff. This book is made to help you play by chords on guitar and piano with simple slash rhythm marks above the words. The great news is that you don’t have to be able to read music to successful play these songs easily and you never have to turn a page to play the full song!

This book can be used for guitar, bass, piano, ukuele or any other rhythm instrument!

Listen to the Spotify Playlist with all of the songs in this book!



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