WGBS What next? (GOLD) Copy

The Next 6 Week Bible Study Course

Check the web site or ask your class leader about details on continuing for another 6-week small group session.  You will learn a new song each week along with a new technique and a deeper study of worship.  Find more on www.worshiptheking.com 

Play and Sing Songbooks

The Play and Sing Songbooks include my simple one-page charts and will help you play with ease and allow you to put more focus on what really matters… worshiping God!   Available on Amazon! https://www.worshiptheking.com/songbooks

10 Song Catapult – Online Course

The 10 Song Catapult is an easy online course that teaches you to play 10 popular worship songs with 4-5 chords.  Each of the lessons teaches a new worship song with simple patterns and techniques.  This is a great next step to take if you plan to continue your study on your own! https://worshiptheking.com/courses/guitarcatapultcourse/

Worship Guitar Course Home Study Course

The WTK Success Kit includes over 50 individual lessons to take you from beginner to intermediate along with a few of my most popular songbooks!  You can take it all online with WTK GOLD subscription or you can order the DVD and book kit at https://shop.worshiptheking.com/ or call (866) 266-9920


Keep studying with me online with WTKGOLD.  I provided many more step-by-step courses from beginner to advanced level.  Get online access to all of my digital courses.  https://worshiptheking.com/gold/