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  • Includes lesson plans and step-by-step videos and charts for all of my courses and song lessons.  
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  • Save 90% over the cost of traditional lessons! Thats over $900 a year in savings.  
  • Learn along with other students in my active and encouraging online myWTK Facebook group.
  • Access to my private lesson session song archives with videos and charts so you can learn and play easily.

Access to every course I have produced to date! Streaming videos and PDF book downloads! 

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  • Modern Worship Guitar Lessons
  • Next Level Modern Worship Guitar Lessons
  • 10 Song Catapult for Guitar
  • 10 Song Christmas Guitar Pack
  • Modern Worship Piano Lessons 
  • Next Level Worship Piano 
  • Worship Piano 10 Song Catapult 
  • Christmas Piano Pack 
  • and others!

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  • Webinar Playbacks 
  • Online Community (peer support, you will need this)
  • myWTK Facebook Group 
  • Song Lesson Archive 
  • 5 Learning Levels 


"I have already learned more in one day than I have with most of the lessons and videos I have purchased to date. I look forward to improving my personal time of worship. God Bless.” 

-Jim Quoss - Maryland

"This gives you a great foundation, you can learn at you own pace and within weeks you can play songs that are very well known."

-Kyle Heiss - Troy, Ohio 

"I tried to learn to play before but always gave up because I thought I coulnd't do it. I started your program recently and now I can play about 70 songs!" 

- Aaron Immes 

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