WGBS Leader Week 5


Week 5 is about reinforcement of everything we have been learning so far.  Have fun this week and encourage everyone to keep practicing.  Next week we will be playing a full worship song together!

Try to get people to strum and hum slowly and while keeping a steady rhythm.  It is extremely important that the class is able to play and switch the chords without breaking the rhythm between chord changes.  Practice as a class playing really slow and making it through the progressions without breaking the rhythm.

If some people are having a hard time singing the words, try to have them just play the chords and hum the melody first.  This is a great way to start learning to sing and play.  It does not come naturally to most people.

Practice the two main progressions for How Great is Our God and begin to hum the melody when the class is ready.

Be sure to let people know that next week you will be playing a full song and invite them to be a part of the week 6 video where you all play together!

Having trouble?  This is a very important week.  If someone is still having trouble it’s important to try to help them over the hump this week so they can have success and be playing the full song by next week!   You can email me about the trouble you are facing and even send me a video of the problem.  I will help you!  Send your email to biblestudy@worshiptheking.com