WGBS Leader Week 3

The finger burn is probably coming on pretty intense by now so keep encouraging them to practice a little every day and the finger burn will begin to diminish soon! Make sure everyone is pushing close to the fret so you don’t have to push as hard to get the chords to come out. This will also help with finger burn!

Encourage them to keep the first finger off and make sure we are all still playing the new modern C chord shape.

Make sure everyone has picked and is practicing one of the methods for muting out the LOW E string while playing the C chord.

Encourage them to play softer and use a light tough on the pick so the guitar sounds good and not clunky.

Make sure they don’t have any floppy pick and let them know they can let the pick flex up and down between their fingers. They have to hold on tight but allow the pick to flex with the strings.

When practicing the FLIP, you change chords on the upbeat of 4 so you are on the next chord right on the downbeat of 1

Make sure they are counting the flip right and are using selective strumming during the FLIP by just strumming the flip on the high strings.

Remember If you can’t say it, you can’t play it. Make sure the class is counting and chanting out loud when learning the flip…. ta ta ta te tica

When I demonstrate the flip on Open up the Heavens notice how my strumming hand is moving in an eighth note type of pulse. This is because I always feel the eighth note pulse in my right hand and on some patterns, I even feel the sixteenth note pulse. This is a good thing to practice and be aware of.

We are going to be speeding up the song little by little in the practice session…. so just start slow and this week it will get faster and faster!