I already know chords… is this program for me?

I have been playing the guitar for 3 years solid, I know over a 100 chords and some scales, can move to them freely, and can play many songs. I have taken some lessons from friends who play. I practice a lot at night after I help put the kids in bed.  This on-line school fits my busy life. You are probably thinking well what are you doing needing help.  I am very, very frustrated because I can not pick up a simple worship song and look at the chord sheet and play it. I have to have someone show me how to play a song.  Once someone shows me a strumming pattern and helps me I can play it.  My biggest problem is figuring out  a strumming pattern and timing, I don’t anticipate the chord changes good.  So my question is can your program help and where do I need to start at, since I’m not a beginner put my problems are related to timing and rhythm. 

So you know chords, that may put you in book 3, but since you are really struggling with rhythm and playing songs, start in book 1 and just work on learning how to count for yourself and then learn to hear a song and anticipate the changes.  Book 1 will start you off there and probably the songbook as well so you can learn some of the popular songs.
My books will show you some new chord shapes and tricks as well for worship.  Not sure you need the videos but, the cheapest way to do my program is the online school.   You can get a discount on the ebook downloads and have access to the full video sessions.  You may only need a few months.  But, by book three you are into very important foundational music theory on the 1st year college level.  Starts very easy, ends more difficult but focuses a ton on strumming patterns and counting and playing songs.   You can play along with me on all of them with the cds and the dvds.

Hope this helps. Eric Roberts

UPDATE Feb 2019 – Check out all the new easy songbooks

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  1. Jury,

    Very active right now. Most of the students use email directly to me. Most beginning students (which is what my program is set up for now) need the books and cds to go along with the online school and to complete the program. You may be able to bypass them or just purchase the level that you need. Like book 3. The books do add cost but are a great investment for the program. They include a year of lesson that take beginners to intermediate players in one year. They are a great reference as well.

    NO CONTRACTS on the program and you control when you want to quit. It is not like those places you have to CALL to cancel. I hate that! You just log in and cancel your account. No problems now with the new online store.

    I hope you do try it out and write some reviews. I will help in any way I can. I do not have an affiliate program at this point but am considering how to incorporate one.

    Thanks, Eric Roberts

  2. I’m kind of in the same place as the person who asked this question and have a few more.

    1) First of all, is this program still active with active students? I notice there hasn’t been a post on here for nearly 2 months. It may just be that the community uses other methods, but I wanted to see before signing up.

    2) The $15/month for the online program sounds great! But do you HAVE to purchase the ebooks/MP3s to go with it? It looks like all the material needed (song sheets, strumming patterns, etc) is available free for download when you sign up. Is that correct? I ask because like this poster, I already know most the chords and finger placement. When I look at the PDF book outlines, I don’t see too much new there for me. So for a person like me, is the $45 ebook set really needed? Or will I be lost without them? That makes this program substantially more expensive…

    3) How easy is it to cancel once I’ve used the program for a while? I just want to make sure I don’t have to jump through hoops to get my credit card from being charged once I’m done. 🙂

    4) I own a Christian guitar website and would love to review my experience on that site as well as provide affiliate links. Does this program have an affiliate program?

    Anyway, I hope someone can get me some good answers. It looks like a terrific program, assuming it’s still strong and active. Thank you!

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