Changing your Guitar Strings

Who needs to change their strings. You know that you should change your strings every 4-8 weeks if you are playing a lot. Especially if you are performing. If you are just learning, you could do it every 3 months. Your strings will get dull sounding if you leave them on a long time. I will be posting a video about how to change strings soon. For now, read this article for more info. I looked it up for you….. How to Change Strings

Let me know if you need any additional help or advice on this issue. You can purchase stings at my online store.

2 thoughts on “Changing your Guitar Strings”

  1. I’ve been playing a little over a year now. I remember dreading changing strings. It would take an hour or so to do it. But like most everything the more you do it the better you become. String changes take just a few minutes now, and the change in tone is worth it.

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