Worship Band Builder Training Program

Train your whole church in music and worship and grow a strong and skilled worship team.  Gain unlimited access to lessons, charts, webinars, and exclusive livestream events—FOR YOUR WHOLE CHURCH!  

Acoustic Guitar

Start your musical journey by learning your first four chords, and within just 30 days, you’ll be strumming and playing popular worship songs effortlessly! As you progress, level up your skills by mastering strumming and picking patterns that will take your guitar playing to the next level, making it sound truly amazing. Join us and unlock the potential of your guitar-playing abilities, transforming yourself into a confident and skilled worship musician. 


Playing piano for worship doesn’t have to be daunting anymore! I’ve introduced the concept of strumming patterns to the world of piano playing. In my lessons, I’ll teach you how to read charts, play chords, and perform your favorite worship songs just like you hear them on the radio. And the best part? You’ll learn it all through simple patterns that anyone can master. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to effortless piano worship! 

Play and Sing Songs

I’ve created hundreds of easy-to-play worship chord charts in my top-selling Play and Sing songbooks series.  You can strum along with me using simple chords to play the top worship songs. Plus, I’ll share some valuable tips and tricks to help you level up your playing along the way. Join me on this musical journey and elevate your worship music experience effortlessly.

GOLD Song Sessions (Guitar)

For a whole year, I’ve been releasing a new song every week in my GOLD Songs series. Each song comes with a private lesson where I teach you how to play it and share the riffs and tricks to make it sound incredible. These GOLD songs are based on popular tunes and are designed as private lessons. With 5 levels from beginner to pro, you can work your way up from level one to five, and witness your guitar skills skyrocket. Join me on this journey and watch yourself evolve into an amazing guitar player.


Are you feeling the call to sing on the worship team? While it may seem intimidating, it’s also incredibly rewarding. Our special vocal sessions are here to support you in gaining the confidence you need. From choosing the right key to warming up effectively, we’ll help you navigate potential challenges and lay a solid foundation for your journey on the local worship team. These sessions offer a balanced blend of vocal philosophy and practical exercises to ensure you become a confident worship vocalist.

Electric Guitar

In my curated collection of electric guitar courses, you’ll embark on a comprehensive journey through the fundamentals and beyond. From mastering power chords, scales, and solos to honing your improvisational skills, you’ll gain a solid foundation in electric guitar playing. Dive deeper into advanced techniques like moveable chords, mastering the fretboard, and refining your tone using pedals. Moreover, you’ll discover how to wield the electric guitar like a true master in a worship setting, allowing you to express yourself fully and lead others in worship with confidence and skill. 


Introducing our Foundations Collection, featuring a series of master courses tailored specifically for beginners in drumming. Led by special guest instructor Brent Nussbaum, you’ll be expertly guided through essential beats, fills, and techniques tailored for worship drumming. From mastering playing to a click to learning standard fills and invaluable tips for elevating your performance, this course is your gateway to becoming a confident and impactful worship drummer. Join us and embark on a journey to unlock your full potential behind the kit.


While there may be countless bass player jokes out there, the truth is, mastering the bass guarantees you’ll always have a gig! In our Bass Foundation Course Pack, you’ll gain essential skills like reading charts, mastering the notes on the neck, and playing standard bass lines and fills. Whether you’re looking to join a worship team or a band, this course will equip you to become a successful bass player, ensuring you’re never left without an opportunity to use your talents in your community.

Sound and Tech (Mixing/Livestream/Tracks)

I’m a firm believer that every musician should have a solid grasp of their tech. In our community, you’ll dive into the essentials: mastering cables, sound system setup, audio configurations, and stage arrangement, among other crucial topics. Plus, I’ll personally guide you through setting EQ and compression for both livestreaming and live mixing. And that’s not all – you’ll also gain access to our new Loop Community course, designed to teach you how to seamlessly integrate live tracks with your band. With these skills under your belt, you’ll be empowered to elevate your performances and ensure a flawless audio experience every time. 

Foundations of Biblical Worship

In our Foundations of Biblical Worship section, we delve into essential topics ranging from interpersonal dynamics within your church community to nurturing your personal relationship with God through worship. Through dedicated lesson sessions and ongoing discussions within our community, you’ll find invaluable support in deepening your spiritual connection on your musical journey. Join us as we explore these foundational principles and grow together in faith and musical expression.

WTK Community on Bostr.co

WTK launches new Social App Bosltr.co
Come join our online community of Christian musicians, where learning, growth, and camaraderie thrive! Engage in lively chats with fellow members, seek guidance, and revel in the joy of making music together within our supportive environment. Now, asking questions during your lessons has never been easier – receive quick answers from both me and other community members! Join us today and let’s create beautiful music together.

Member Only Live Events and Webinars

Discover the benefits of our community firsthand! Gain access to our members-only livestream lessons, where you’ll receive personalized guidance and exclusive insights. Delve into our extensive archives whenever you like, allowing you to revisit past sessions and progress at your own pace. Embrace the opportunity to join us today and embark on a tailored learning journey designed just for you.