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webinar-playbacksGet access to all the past uploaded LIVE webinars and charts that go along!  These webinars were recorded LIVE and are planned but spontaneous and include a great depth of knowledge on various topics taught live! 






I’m going to show you the 4 chords every guitar player should learn FIRST and use the MOST!  First, I’ll teach you how to easily form these 4 modern worship chords and then I’ll show you the tricks that the pros use to make them sound awesome.  You will see how keeping your pinkie down between chord changes will speed up your changes and I’ll show you how to use less fingers and have better sounding chords.  We will end by strumming a few simple worship songs with these new chords and you will be able to download the chord charts to keep and print! (Learn More…)



If you know a few chords but you really want to make your songs sound awesome you need to know these (easy to play) picking patterns. Once you learn these core patterns, you can put them to use on many songs and chord progressions. I will also show you the best finger picking exercise to help you build speed and accuracy! At the end, you will have a chance to ask some questions that will help me build some new tutorials in the following weeks! Once we have learned a few of these patterns we will put them to the test on a couple of worship songs: The Heart of Worship and We Fall Down. (Learn More…)



When you reach a plateau or something is hanging you up, often it is one simple answer that will push you over the hump and get you to the next level!  This is an open session webinar… If you have questions about picking, strumming, songs, chords, music theory, WTK GOLD song lessons or other worship guitar technique/topics… come on in and ask! Just think of that one thing you’d love to know and that would help you get better.  I’ll answer as many questions as possible in this 45 minute session. You can bring your questions to the webinar or ask them by joining the Facebook member group!  (Learn More…)


webinar-strumming1This is awesome!   It is the LIVE strumming and rhythm webinar. If you need to get out of a rut and all of your songs are sounding the same, these techniques will help you break out! I will start with some basics and end with a cool syncopation pattern you can use with any worship song. At the end, you will have a chance to ask some questions that will help me build some new tutorials in the following weeks!

We will be learning these techniques using Cornerstone by Hillsong and the NEW Chris Tomlin song Good Father! (Learn More…)