New Third Edition Worship Guitar Success Kit Available Now

WOW!  It is finally here!  The new Third Edition of the Modern Worship Guitar Lesson Success Kit with all new HD videos! Now you can stream the videos on your iPad or iPhone or any other device!!!  Plus I added all new tutorials for the new worship songs from Eureka Park.  All 2nd edition student … Read more

Picking Tutorial for The Heart of Worship

Learn a simple picking pattern to play along with The Heart of Worship.  As you watch, notice that I am using the down rest stroke and start every chord on the root/bass note of the chord.  I teach this in detail in my Modern Worship Guitar Program.   Get more on the songbook strum along … Read more

Playing Hymns on Guitar with Ease!

I know that many of you are called upon to play hymns on the guitar and the hymns were not really written for our instrument.  The arrangements in the hymnal do not have chords and many of the hymn arrangements are in hard to play keys with chord changes every measure.  One way that I … Read more