International Evangelist Tom Scarrella Talks about WTK and Learning Guitar

Tom has been a good friend for a long time and I had the opportunity to lead worship when he visited Ohio a few years ago…. man time flies! Anyway, we had a chance to talk a little bit and made a short video. He learned some guitar from my earlier programs and even plays … Read moreInternational Evangelist Tom Scarrella Talks about WTK and Learning Guitar

the 10 Song Catapult is Here!!!

Since the day I launched my 8chords100songs program I have been thinking I should have named it 4chords1millionsongs.com  Yes, that says 4 chords, one million songs!  When you learn the first 4 chords in my program, you can play thousands of songs in any style…. that’s just the way it is.  My new 10 song catapult courses have been developed and launched to catapult you into success quicker than ever before!  It’s going to prepare you to play any song with the simple chords I teach in the 8chords100songs program.  Within the first few weeks from the day you pick up your first guitar or sit down at the piano, you can play the songs you love!  It is possible when you follow my simple steps.  The 10 song catapult is going to make it even easier than ever before.


Catapult for Guitar… Learn More!

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