Mighty to Save Easy Piano Lesson with Chords

Use this simple technique to play Mighty to Save with easy chords.  This free lesson is a continuation of the Modern Worship Piano Lessons Program.   Click on this post to watch the video! This is a Nashville Number Chart of the Song:  The numbers correspond to chords in the key of G 1 G    … Read moreMighty to Save Easy Piano Lesson with Chords

Homeschool students finding success

Read about how this homeschool parent has finally found a way to teach music successfully… I’d like to offer some thanks and encouragement.  I have evaluated every Christian self-study music program on the market.  I have spent a lot of money purchasing products.  Your course is the most structured and easiest to follow.  I am … Read moreHomeschool students finding success

Learn the basics of building simple triads (chords)

This is the foundation of every chord!  If you really want to understand how to build chords and use all types of chords like suspensions, 7ths and altered chords, you need to grasp the concept of building simple triads.  This is the Major and Minor triad being built in the key of C.  Click the … Read moreLearn the basics of building simple triads (chords)