Jesus Take the Wheel – Play and Sing Guitar Series

https://youtu.be/yDcOrDZMIco This song is from the WTK Play and Sing Songbook!  Get your songbook today and play many more songs with easy chords!  Follow Hailey Dawn @haileydawnmusic and at her web site www.haileydawnmusic.com Buy Songbooks Supporting Videos/Lessons https://youtu.be/gHFqtu2wQuMhttps://youtu.be/4olCL5-PJ6o

Silent Night – FREE Guitar Lesson

Learn 10 songs in the full online course! STRUMMING LESSON PICKING LESSON     Hey, if you don’t have it already, you can get the Christmas songbook from Amazon today and take the charts with you in your guitar case!  … This content is for WTK members only.Log In Register...

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Free Lesson Oceans by Hillsong

Get all the other lessons like this in WTK GOLD! WELCOME!   This is a sneak peak FREE lesson from the WTK GOLD song archives! Use the demonstration video to play along with once you are confident in the techniques and chords. This lesson is beginner/intermediate because of the syncopation in the strumming pattern. VIDEO 1 –…...

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How Many Kings Song Lesson With Simple Chords

Song: How Many Kings by Downhere from Ending is Beginning Chords in key of G with capo on 4th fret! Band: Hey guys and gals,  you can play this great song with just a few chords!  I have outlined the chord charts here and the video will be up tomorrow! In the original live radio … Read moreHow Many Kings Song Lesson With Simple Chords

Picking Tutorial for The Heart of Worship

Learn a simple picking pattern to play along with The Heart of Worship.  As you watch, notice that I am using the down rest stroke and start every chord on the root/bass note of the chord.  I teach this in detail in my Modern Worship Guitar Program.   Get more on the songbook strum along … Read morePicking Tutorial for The Heart of Worship

New Worship Song My Offering

Learn the new worship song My Offering now with my YouTube video lessons!  Plus in my new video, I show you some great new ways to make the G C D and Em chords sound awesome! Download the Chart Here:  My Offering – Chord Chart Watch the acoustic video version here: Learn the new Modern … Read moreNew Worship Song My Offering

Playing chords with the common 3rd finger

Students, Just some quick advice!  Make sure to leave your third finger down when switching between the G, C, D and even the Em chord.  This is a very important anchor point in the beginning.  Always make your chords from the top down.  Starting with the bass notes first and strumming from the top! – … Read morePlaying chords with the common 3rd finger