How Many Kings Song Lesson With Simple Chords

Song: How Many Kings by Downhere from Ending is Beginning Chords in key of G with capo on 4th fret! Band: Hey guys and gals,  you can play this great song with just a few chords!  I have outlined the chord charts here and the video will be up tomorrow! In the original live radio … Read more

Picking Tutorial for The Heart of Worship

Learn a simple picking pattern to play along with The Heart of Worship.  As you watch, notice that I am using the down rest stroke and start every chord on the root/bass note of the chord.  I teach this in detail in my Modern Worship Guitar Program.   Get more on the songbook strum along … Read more

Mighty to Save Easy Piano Lesson with Chords

Use this simple technique to play Mighty to Save with easy chords.  This free lesson is a continuation of the Modern Worship Piano Lessons Program.   Click on this post to watch the video! This is a Nashville Number Chart of the Song:  The numbers correspond to chords in the key of G 1 G    … Read more

How Great is Our God Easy Piano Chord Free Lesson

In this videoI am showing you a new technique I call “rocking the fifths” for playing by chord.  With this  technique, you roll the fifths from the left and right hand and you get a flowing sound you can use to play How Great is Our God and others.  I am preparing a new video … Read more

Learn the mystery behind suspension chords

For guitar players and piano players!  In this video, I show you the three types of suspension chords and how to properly name them.  This will help you understand the role of suspension and when to call a chord a suspension or just a chord with an added note (example: C2)   There are 3 … Read more