the 10 Song Catapult is Here!!!

Since the day I launched my 8chords100songs program I have been thinking I should have named it 4chords1millionsongs.com  Yes, that says 4 chords, one million songs!  When you learn the first 4 chords in my program, you can play thousands of songs in any style…. that’s just the way it is.  My new 10 song catapult courses have been developed and launched to catapult you into success quicker than ever before!  It’s going to prepare you to play any song with the simple chords I teach in the 8chords100songs program.  Within the first few weeks from the day you pick up your first guitar or sit down at the piano, you can play the songs you love!  It is possible when you follow my simple steps.  The 10 song catapult is going to make it even easier than ever before.


Catapult for Guitar… Learn More!

Catapult for Piano!… Learn More!




Pastor and guitar teacher Steve Thornhill with new lead guitar lessons

Steve was my guitar teacher when I was about 15 years old.  He left his rock and roll life behind and became a Christian.  He became a pastor of a church in Dayton, Ohio and also teaches guitar and is helping develop videos and lesson for the 8chords100songs and WorshptheKing.  You’re going to see more … Read morePastor and guitar teacher Steve Thornhill with new lead guitar lessons

New Online Courses!

4 Chords, 10 Songs, 30 Days! Click here for Piano – Click here for Guitar! I am very excited to offer the new line of WTK courses online and New Home Study Course Success Kits are back!!! Click Here for Worship Guitar Home Study Course! Click Here for Worship Piano Home Study Course! Click here … Read moreNew Online Courses!

5 Tips for electric guitar in the worship band

  For about 2 years I have been leading worship from the ELECTRIC guitar!  Definitely a challenge Tip #1 If you are new at the approach of leading worship from electric guitar, be sure to have a strong acoustic player in the band with you and get the right gear.  Click here for Eric’s top 5 tips for electric guitar … Read more5 Tips for electric guitar in the worship band