Audio solution for hosting small group LIVE on Facebook or other platforms. 

Solution 1 – Boya Mini Shotgun Mic To Pick Up The Whole Group

Tips:  the microphone should not be too far away… the closer the better but it has to be pointing in the general direction of the talking.  It is designed to reject noise from behind… which means if you talk from behind it you will be very soft.  The further away you get from the front of the mic, the wider the pickup area becomes.  So point it at the general direction of the group and try to keep it close enough to the main action. 

Boya Microphone into your iphone or android 

Overview of method:  
Your Phone (Iphone/Android) going LIVE on Facebook.  Boya Microphone (mini shotgun mic) sitting on a stand pointing at the group and the facilitator. 

Links to Equipment Needed:

Boya Microphone – 
I can’t praise this little mic enough… it’s half the price of the rode mic and it sounds better… works better… and comes with the adapters you need in the box. 

Long extension cable from microphone to phone – get a long one 15-20′ or as long as you need –

The magic adapter – Rode SC4 –
This adapter is like GOLD!  In other words, the RODE mics will not work with your phone without this adapter.  Now, the Boya Mic I suggest above comes with a cable that goes from TRS to TRRS which means you don’t need this cable.  
here is my video on this one confusing topic – 
BUT, if you get the Boya mic I suggest, you don’t really need this, it comes with the right adapter. 

Mount the microphone: 

Mini Tripod –

The microphone will mount to a hot shoe which is typically found on a camera. See the adapters below.

This is a great assortment to help you mount your things…  I suggest getting this and then you can mount it to any stand using the adapters… a mic stand, a light stand, camera stand etc  –

Basic hot shoe found on the boya mic and rode mics to the 1/4 found on most tripid mounts (you don’t need this if you get the assortment above) –