WGBS Strum Along – Make Your Video Copy (GOLD) Copy

Group Strum Along

Making Your Video

Tips to make your video:

  • Use good lighting. Use the most current version phone camera you have in the class.   Set the phone on a tripod or have someone hold it steady.
  • If you are not comfortable singing while you play, it is best to play along to the final video where I sing and play with you.
  • Use dynamics by playing softer on the verses using the simple quarter note strumming pattern with a flip. On the chorus and the bridge, you will double up on the strumming by playing the eighth note pattern with a flip and things will be a bit louder.  The last chorus you play one time soft!

How to share your video:

Once you have completed your video, I’d love to see it and share it with others and I would love to hear the testimonials and success stories from your group!  Follow the simple instructions below to share your video and your stories.

Share Option 1: Upload to the WTK Dropbox  

It’s easy!  Just go to www.worshiptheking.com/sharevideo and use the password FAITH to upload your video file!

If you have an account with DropBox, Google Drive or a similar service, you can upload your video there and email the link to biblestudy@worshiptheking.com

It’s almost impossible to email me the full quality video because it is going to be over the file size limit for most email services.  That is why using a service like DropBox is the best way to share large files.


Share Option 2: Share Socially

To share socially, simply upload your video from your phone to YouTube or any social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)

  • Tag @worshipthekingmusic on Instagram and @wtkmusic on Twitter
  • Use these hashtags in the description  #WGBS #worshipguitarbiblestudy #worshipguitar  #worshiptheking  and any others you think are awesome!
  • Include this link www.worshiptheking.com
  • Once you have shared your video, be sure to send me a link!