WGBS Leader Week 6 Copy


Week 6 Leader 

This week is about playing a full song!  It’s important for everyone to feel like they have made it and had success.  It’s also a huge help when you share your success with me and with others around the world.  So please make a video this week and share it with the world!

Making a video with your group:

  • Use good lighting. Use the most current version phone camera you have in the class.   Set the phone on a tripod or have someone hold it steady and capture the whole class playing the song.
  • You can lead the class through the song or you can use the play along to the final video to keep the class all together for the whole song.
  • Use dynamics by playing softer on the verses using the simple quarter note strumming pattern with a flip. On the chorus and the bridge, you will double up on the strumming by playing the eighth note pattern with a flip and things will be a bit louder.  The last chorus you play one time soft!
  • When you are finished, upload your video to the myWTK Facebook page or to YouTube and share a link to the group.

How to share the video:

Once you have completed your video, I’d love to see it and share it with others and I would love to hear the testimonials and success stories from your group!  Follow the simple instructions below to share your video and your stories.

Share Option 1: Upload to the WTK Dropbox

It’s almost impossible to email me the full quality video because it is going to be over the file size limit for most email services.  That is why using a service like DropBox is the best way to share large files.

It’s easy!  Just go to www.worshiptheking.com/sharevideo and use the password FAITH to upload your video file!

If you have an account with DropBox, Google Drive or a similar service, you can upload your video there and email the link to biblestudy@worshiptheking.com

Share Option 2: Share Socially

To share socially, simply upload your video from your phone to YouTube or any social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)

Tag @worshipthekingmusic on Instagram and @wtkmusic on Twitter

Use these hashtags in the description  #WGBS #worshipguitarbiblestudy #worshipguitar  #worshiptheking  and any others you think are awesome!

Include this link www.worshiptheking.com

Once you have shared your video, be sure to send me a link!