WGBS Leader Week 4 Copy

This week is about getting a little bit better at playing and changing chords! It’s about gaining confidence and getting more comfortable with the chords and strumming as we prepare to put together our final song next week!

The root note of the E minor is the OPEN LOW E STRING. Make sure you pay special attention to that low E note and make sure you hit it good and let it ring out over the chord.

Reinforce holding the pick firmly but allowing it to flex with the strings and make sure there isn’t too much pick sticking out…. “floppy pick”

In the practice session on the eight-note pattern for FOUND IN YOU, during my faster demonstration on some of the measures I added a syncopated accent pattern. This was just by habit and we are not covering syncopation in this 6-week course. If you want to add accents in this pattern, you can accent on 2 and 4.