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Once I picked up the guitar I never put it down.  It has been a huge part of my journey, and once I met Christ, it gave me a way to express worship and deepen my relationship with God.  I hope you find the same encouragement and connection with God through this journey you are beginning today.  I meet people every day who say, “I’ve always wanted to learn to play guitar.”  Now it’s more than just a future dream or a far-off possibility.  Starting today, I’m going to help you, and together we are going to realize your dream to play the guitar.  There are going to be days when you don’t feel like trying and somewhere around week two, your fingers may start to burn a little as you develop callouses.  Push through this pain for about a week and practice every day for just 5 minutes.  The payoff is huge! The pain will go away, and your songs of worship will rise up.  Please send me your six week video and share it with others as we continue to spread the hope and the good news of Christ together with music.
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What You Learn in the 6 Week Bible Study:

In this six week course, you will learn the best and easiest way to play the 4 most popular chords to ever be played on the guitar.  You will learn how to shape the chords, strum the chords, and play some really great worship songs.  You will also learn about personal devotion and worshiping together as we explore the importance and power of music as a way to communicate with God.

Beyond the Six Weeks

I encourage you to get one of my easy “Play and Sing” songbooks!   You can play all of the songs with the 4 simple chords you learn in this course.  My songbooks are all simple and have very basic chord arrangements of all of the best worship songs.  Explore them all at

Your group can continue together for 6 more weeks!

The next level is all about having fun and gaining a few skills while adding some flair to your playing.  I will teach you a few more strumming patterns, the popular and excellent “palm mute” technique, and introduce you to picking patterns.  Each week you will apply a new technique to a new song as well as continuing your Bible study as you worship.


There is a CHART DOWNLOAD button at the top of each week’s lesson and it includes everything you need to complete the session.  If you would like the printed workbook there are two easy ways to get it!

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