Tools and Accessories

It is important that you start with the right tools to succeed.  I offer complete class accessory packs on my website

All the accessories you need are at this link

You can also find them at the WTK Amazon shop at

I have provided printable downloads of each of the weekly sections of the workbook so you have everything you need to complete the course online, but you may want your own full copy of the workbook and you can purchase one from the online store and get 20% OFF!

Bonus Gear and Tuning Video

You will need the following items to complete the online course successfully!

Acoustic or Electric Guitar

You can complete this course with an acoustic or an electric guitar.  You can also use a nylon string classical style guitar but be aware that these guitars have a wider neck and are not often used for worship.  I suggest a medium size acoustic with low action that is easy to play.  Read the guitar buyers guide in the next section and watch the video for more details.

Guitar Picks

A standard medium or thin guitar pick is all you need.  Many beginners find it easier to use a thin pick to start out.  I don’t like the paper-thin picks but a standard thin pick is fine.  I recommend a pick that is between .50-.60mm. The red or orange Dunlop Tortex picks are my favorite.  I actually use the green Dunlop (.88mm) but it is a little too thick for most beginners.

Guitar Tuner

You should have your own guitar tuner for the class.  We will learn to tune the guitar right away so you don’t have to tune every guitar every week for the participants.  I recommend the Snark clip on tuner.  There are several really good smart phone apps available for FREE that will also work well.

Music Stand

If the church will not be able to provide a music stand for you to use in the class, I suggest you purchase a simple folding wire music stand.  These inexpensive folding music stands are portable and you can bring them to class and use them at home too!

Capo (Optional)

You do not need a capo to complete the 6-week course, but a capo will allow you to change the key of the song easily.  It is a worthy investment.  A simple snap- on capo (about $4) will be sufficient if you are trying to save money on accessories.