Introduction to Guitar 1 Copy

Course Flow:

Every lesson has video and charts embedded in the page.  Read the materials and watch the videos.  When you are done you can click the MARK COMPLETE button to keep track of your progress and you can also click on the NEXT LESSON link at the bottom of the page to go to the next lesson.  You can also skip around by clicking on the lesson list in the right side bar. There are a few downloads and you will see links to “RIGHT CLICK” and download these as you go along.

Additional Course Materials:

In this digital course flow I provide you with all the charts needed to compete each lesson but some students do want the complete Ebook Download or printed version of the books and DVDs for this course? I have provided links below for all those extra materials!

Print Versions of the Book and DVDS are available on or at the online store!
Modern Worship Guitar Lessons Lesson Book – Buy on Amazon 
Modern Worship Guitar Lessons DVD 1 Sessions 1-11 – Buy on Amazon 
Modern Worship Guitar Lessons DVD 2 Sessions 12-19 – Buy on Amazon


Lesson 1 Download:

Lesson 1 Downloadmwgl-lesson1-download “RIGHT CLICK” to download (Excerpt from the Modern Worship Guitar Lesson Book)


Course Introduction:

When you are getting started, it is important to understand the parts of the guitar and the different types of chord charts that you are going to be reading. Most guitar players start out by reading charts instead of regular music notation. Chord charts are important because they will show you where to place your fingers to make the various chords you need to play songs. You will be learning a lot about music and notation, but first you will begin by reading charts. Tablature and chord charts are the two most important forms of guitar music you will need to learn to read. They are both simple to understand but take a little time to get used to.


Practice Goals

Psalm 33:2-4 (NIV)

2 Praise the LORD with the harp;
make music to him on the ten-stringed lyre.

3Sing to him a new song;
play skillfully, and shout for joy.

4 For the word of the LORD is right and true;
he is faithful in all he does.

When seriously studying the guitar, you need to practice daily.  The students that I have seen learn very rapidly and become great guitar players have been those with a desire and a drive to practice and succeed.  Playing guitar well requires a deep love for music and a hunger for mastering the instrument.  I remember my early days as a guitar player; I played constantly!  Nothing could stop me from learning more and more about music and the guitar.  You may not be at this point yet, but you need to commit to a regular practice schedule.  The goals that I am going to set for you here are very important.  Tailor these goals to fit your lifestyle.

Consistency is important: 15 minutes each day is better than 2 hours one day each week. 

Goal #1          Play for at least 15 minutes every day.  You may take one day off each week.

Goal #2          Memorize important chords, scales and patterns.

Goal #3          Learn new songs each week.