How Great is Our God and Trading with Accents 13 Copy

Using accents in your strumming patterns is one on the greatest techniques you will ever learn to bring your songs to life. Simply putting an accent on the 1 beat will add a great feel to your songs. Music is made to move and you will need to begin to use accents to create this movement in your guitar playing.

Start out by learning the accents shown by each Strumming Pattern, and then begin to add your own accents to the patterns.  One of the most popular accent patterns is to accent beats 2 and 4.  This is because in the modern four rock beat, the snare hits on 2 and 4.

To make your accents sound good, you can strum all the strings on the accent and then just play the higher 3 or 4 strings with a lighter touch.


How Great is Our God with Accents

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Trading My Sorrows with Accents


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