Guitar Buyers Guide for Beginners By Eric Roberts

You must consider a lot of things when purchasing a new or used guitar.  There are three things to really consider first.

1.  Does the guitar have low action.  “action” is the measurement of how far the strings are from the fretboard.  The lower the action, the easier it will be to play.  Try to push down the strings and see how easy it is to push and make sure the strings are just right above the frets.  Electric guitars have lower action than acoustics.

2.  Does the guitar have a truss rod and a straight neck?  Necks can bow front or back if they are out of adjustment. The truss rod keeps the guitar neck straight and can be adjusted as the tension on the stings changes.  If the guitar has no truss rod.  DO NOT BUY IT.  All guitars on our site have truss rods!  All quality instruments will have a truss rod.  To find out, ask the sales guy or just look through the sound hole in an acoustic at the base of the neck.  You will see a nut in the neck and that is the truss rod adjuster.  Or, look at the head stock and there is a plate right by the nut that has a few little screws, that is the truss rod cover.

3. Does the guitar sound good?  Even an inexpensive guitar can sound good and play great.  Don’t judge by name brand or how shinny it looks.  Have someone play it and see if you like the sound.

Advice:  Don’t spend more than $200.00 on a starter guitar.  Electric or acoustic.  My first electric was just $200.00 and I can still play it today after 15 years!   You will want an upgrade within a few years anyway.  Then you will know what you want and have a better understanding of what will make a great guitar for you.

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Eric Roberts