ONE-on-one coaching




Break out of the strum-strum and make the acoustic guitar dance and sparkle with rhythm techniques, new chord voicing, and amazing embellishments. Start where you are comfortable and move on to becoming a confident player.

Technique, tone, scales, chords, gear and riffs… I can help you become a great player and apply your skills to the worship band as you master the electric guitar. Do you want to make the guitar sing? I can help you make that happen.

Learn to sing with confidence, find the best range for your voice, protect your voice over the long term, and use your voice to lead worship. 

Become a strong and confident worship leader. We will cover everything from song selection in worship sets, transitions, speaking between songs, leading others in worship and developing your gifting as a worship leader. 

You don’t have to be intimidated when it comes to being the band leader.  In this area, more than any other, you need knowledge of every part and the confidence to lead a strong band.  I’ll help you navigate the waters of creating a band from scratch and shaping them into a powerhouse worship team over time. 

Struggling with tech?  Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.  I can help you grasp the concepts needed to become a proficient mixer and help you team jump the hurdles so you can have excellent audio (even on your livestream).  

Learn your favorite songs and riffs along the way so you have the chops and the ability to play anything needed for the worship service.  

I’ll help you learn the formulas and rules of music theory so you fully understand music from the inside out.  Including the Nashville number system, transposing, keys, scales, and more.    

I’ve been working in ministry with pastors and teams for over 25 years and I know things can be hard.  If you need someone to talk to and help you work out a plan for success within your team and within your personal and church relationships, book a session today.  

Go to the next level on your instrument and become a confident musician. I’ll help you overcome any weakness in your playing or music knowledge and become the best player you can be.