10 Song Catapult for Guitar


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O Holy Night For Piano – Easy Chord Lesson

Simple way to play O Holy Night on Piano Download the chart here!

Support Local Music

Support local music… Sounds scary right? Who knows what’s going to happen or what it’s going to sound like. Imagine watching one of today’s top country artists play his first gigs when he was a young aspiring artist. Country music singer Brad Paisley’s passion for music began at age 8, when his [...]

Simple Signal Flow Chart Download

This is an overview of signal flow for a standard worship venue setup!  Download and print this free chart for training or study.  Good luck!  
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In Christ Alone – No guilt in life, No fear in death

This song has been requested by a student so I began listening.  Of course I have heard this song plenty of times but now I am listening to make a simple arrangement for you to be able to play the song easily.  So I am just trying to get past all the youtube commercials and find the best [...]
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the 10 Song Catapult is Here!!!

Since the day I launched my 8chords100songs program I have been thinking I should have named it 4chords1millionsongs.com  Yes, that says 4 chords, one million songs!  When you learn the first 4 chords in my program, you can play thousands of songs in any style…. that’s just the way it is.  My new [...]
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Worship song Breathe with simple chords in G

Just 4 simple chords and you can play this great worship song…. Download and print the chart: Breathe-Easy Chords Listen to me play this slowly on guitar (no capo) CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO For guitar:  Use CAPO on 2nd FRET to play along with this video performance.
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Thank you for over a half million views!

Since we started our YouTube channel we have had over a half million views and almost 1,500 subscribers!  Thank you to all who are watching!  Share our channel with your friends and future worship leaders…. More worship guitar and piano tutorials are coming all the time for aspiring worship [...]
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New Song I Run to You

Lord, I come to You. I need to be renewed. This everlasting peace within my soul. It only comes from You. So when I’m carrying a road weary soul, I always know just where to go… I run to you.  I fall in Your compassion I run to you. Your sweet and holy passion Sweeps over me. It covers me and makes [...]
easy christmas songs for guitar are here!

Free Song Lesson – Silent Night

Easy to play chord chart and video lesson for Silent Night. Click the post to watch the video! Silent Night Chord Chart – Click to Download These charts are from the NEW 8chords100songs Worship Songbook!    

Easy Piano Chords for O Holy Night Piano Lesson

Learn the song with easy chords.  Click the post to watch the video.  Get the chord chart in the member’s section!
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