Worship Guitar Bible Study

When I started thinking about how I really learned and grew as a young musician, I realized learning guitar was always more fun when I was learning with my friends!  Our common bond and similar goals helped use develop great lasting friendships and we got really good at playing the guitar.  That’s what this new Bible Study Guitar Course is all about… learn to play guitar, learn about worship and make some great friends along the way.   Click to be notified when I launch!

Have you always wanted to play guitar but didn’t know how to start? In the 6-week WTK Beginning Guitar Course Bible Study, you will learn your first 4 chords and discover how to play many popular worship songs using simple strumming patterns. Join Eric and Emily from WorshiptheKing.com for an inspiring and life changing adventure into worship and personal devotion. This course will empower you to use your gifts in ministry and open up new possibilities. Imagine being able to play few worship songs for your next small group meeting, lead worship on a missions trip or sing together for family devotions. You will build friendships, develop a lifelong skill and have fun! Anyone can do this. No prior musical training is necessary!