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Get Connected on Bolstr.co 

Bolstr.co a private dedicated network where you can connect with me and other students from WTK!   With your membership, you can used this special button below and join FREE ($300 value).  It’s also where I am uploading all of the songbook videos!  So take a moment, join, and introduce yourself.  You’ll also be able to take some special social only courses, get special content and connect with me on the platform.  


Because you are a member of WTK, you can now take the some of the courses in the Bolstr.co app and get awesome interaction from me and the online community.  

It’s important you start with the right course.  I have created a page for you to see each course and the order you should take each course.  Click the button “Where do I start?” and find the course flow and order for your instrument.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m glad you asked!  There are over 500 video tutorials so I made a page to help you pick the perfect course to start.  Click here to find your starting point. 

All the current songbook videos can be found organized in the course on this page.  Click to access.

When you or your church purchases a Foundations bundle product, you will receive a PDF with an activation code to unlock your courses.  You will get an activation code from your church or the person who purchased the bundle. 

If you are trying to access a course you have not activated, it will ask you to pay for the course.   If you think you should have access to a course and you don’t, let me know. 

To start a courses, navigate to the course page, select the course you want to start, click start course or scroll down to begin the first lesson. 

How to Get the Most From Your WTK Membership

Need help accessing your courses or managing your church/membership?
  Please don’t hesitate to contact me today.