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I have migrated all the WTK courses onto a new interactive learning platform called Bolstr.co

To access all the new courses and interact with the growing community, simply actiavte your Bolstr.co connection.


It’s important you start with the right course.  I have created a page for you to see each course and the order you should take each course.  Click the button “Where do I start?” and find the course flow and order for your instrument.


If you have a Worship Band Builder Team Membership, you can easily share you access to the platform with your team.  Simply use this share link your received with your purchase confirmation.  You can send that link to your team and they can easily activate their membership with WTK2.0 on Bolstr.  If you don’t have a copy of your link, message me on Bolstr or submit a quick help request. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m glad you asked!  There are over 500 video tutorials so I made a page to help you pick the perfect course to start.  Click here to find your starting point. 

All the current songbook videos are now inside the new WTK2.0 experience on Bolstr.co.  Activate your bolstr.co account to explore all the new courses, songbook videos and get notified every time I upload a new song!  

I have done away with activation codes and now we are using the the new WTK2.0 on Bolstr.  Simply use this link to activate Bolstr and get everything in your membership in one place! 

To start a courses, simply activate your bolstr account and you should see all of your courses on the left navigation bar in side the app!

It’s simple, watch this video to pause or cancel your account from right inside your dashboard, or just click here and submit a cancellation request. 

Need help accessing your courses or managing your church/membership?
  Please don’t hesitate to contact me today.