Easy Chord Worship Guitar Lesson Levels

Easy Chord Worship Guitar Lesson Levels

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Everyone is starting at a different place so I created levels and give explanation for each weekly song lesson in the WTK ANTHOLOGY!

Level 1

These songs can be played with a simple pattern and a few basic chords! If you are just starting out, try these first!  They will help boost your confidence right away.  FREE TRIAL SONG IN LEVEL 1 IS MIGHTY TO SAVE!

Level 2

Songs that can be played with one or two simple patterns and a few chords with lots of repetition.  I may add in a special technique in the end but you can sound great pretty easy. FREE TRIAL SONG IN LEVEL 2 is GOD OF WONDERS!

Level 3

Uses easy chords but I add some special touches to make them sound really cool.  I may add some picking or suspensions in to these songs. 

Level 4

Strumming and syncopation that may challenge your strumming hand and could have a picking pattern or easy riff. FREE TRIAL SONG IN LEVEL 4 IS SOUL ON FIRE BY THIRD DAY!

 Level 5

This is the hardest level and may contain syncopation, picking and even a cool riff to learn along with the song.  FREE TRIAL SONG IN LEVEL 5 IS BECAUSE HE LIVES BY MATT MAHER