Modern Worship Guitar Lessons (Buy)

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This program is written for beginners who have a desire to learn to play guitar for worship.  With my program, you will master 2 easy keys with 8 simple chords.  With the knowledge and techniques you learn in this program, you will be able to play many songs for worship and any other style.

The simple truth is:  Anyone can learn to play guitar using this method. It is easy and will have you playing full songs in just days.  As a worship leader for a large church, I seldom use more than 4-8 chords in any worship service!  Wow!  By learning just 8 chords, you will be on your way to leading worship, playing the song you love and even writing your own songs on the guitar.

These first 20 lessons will teach you the foundation you need to become a great guitar player and worship band leader.

After you complete these lessons, you can begin the Modern Worship Guitar Lessons Next Level Course.




This is a great place to start learning the guitar.  You do not need previous experience to complete this course!

Major Focus of This Course: 
Learn your major and minor chords in the key of G and D plus some great starting strumming patterns.  You will start putting them together to play songs.

I will be teaching you how to play all of the chords in G and D without using barre chords!  This will give you a modern sound and a beginners advantage!