10 Song Catapult Guitar (Buy)


 This course is included in WTK Anthology!


The last worship conference I attended in Nashville I watched one of the worship leaders (he had recently won songwriter of the year) led a full worship set with only 4 chords! He went from song to songs and never changed from those 4 modern chords! It was AWESOME! It works for the PROS and it will work for YOU!

If you are like many of my private students, you want to skip the theory and technical jargon and simply learn to play the great worship songs that people love to sing along to. That’s exactly what you will do when you begin lessons with me! You see, anyone can learn how to play and sing these great songs, regardless of your current skill level. The key is in the structured learning system that I provide you with and the order in which we learn the chords and patterns. Once you learn a few chords you will be strumming and playing the worship songs you love.

We’ll go step-by-step, song-by-song, together.


Eric will teach you Agnus Dei, Amazing Grace, Silent Night, How Great is Our God, One Thing Remains, Mighty to Save, 10,000 Reasons, Your Great Name, Blessed Be Your Name, and Everlasting God!

And, here’s the best part. In the end, not only will you know how to play the best modern chords and patterns, you’ll have the skills to play all 100 songs in the 8chords100songs Worship Songbook plus thousands of others!


Level: EASY
This is a great place to start learning the guitar using chords and charts. You do not need previous experience to complete this course but if you are a complete beginner, it would help if you started with the Modern Worship Guitar Lessons Course

Major Focus of this Course:
Learn 5 chords in the key of G and play 10 songs using simple chord patterns.

You will not be reading notes in this lesson. You will be following simple chord charts just as thousands of worship bands do every week to lead worship.


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