Learn Worship Piano

 Instant Digital Access includes lesson to teach you how to play simple chords and patterns by ear!

You don’t have to struggle with reading music and always feel behind at band practice. I teach you the basics of playing melodies by ear and playing songs with chords. You don’t have to read music to be able to play the piano!  Even if you have played piano for years by reading notes on the page, you can break away and learn the popular chord method with my first piano lesson set! Once you grasp these concepts, you will be able to play many of the songs from the 8chords100 songs songbook included as a digital download Ebook!  NOTE: THIS IS A DIGITAL ONLINE COURSE WITH PDF AND STREAMING VIDEOS

Sample Lesson from the Course



Worship Piano Video Content List:

Lesson 1-2 – Finger Exercises

Lesson 3-4 Playing the major scale

Lesson 5 – Playing melody by ear practice with Happy Birthday

Lesson 6 – Melody by ear practice with When the Saints Go Marching In

Lesson 7-9 – Learning chord techniques

Lesson 10-12 – Learning to use the pedal

Lesson 13-15 – Progressions and mirror chords learning to play chords in both hands.

Lesson 17 – Chords and Bass Explained

Lesson 18 – Chords and Melody Explained

Lesson 19-22 – Practice techniques learned using a simple song

Lesson 23-25 – Joy to the World practice with melody and chords

Lesson 26-28 – Practice techniques with Amazing Grace

Lesson 29 – The octave lock technique

Lesson 30 – Conclusion