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Techniques, tools, and wisdom to help you lead worship and build a strong team around you for successful ministry.  9 Powerful Modules with access for your whole leadership team. 

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When you step up to a leadership position you must be willing to accept all aspects of that role.  There is no time to point fingers or passing blame to others.  God has put you in a unique position of leadership within your church and He will also provide the wisdom, tools, and success you need to grow your church and bring glory to His name.  First, you have to accept the challenge and dig deep to find the success that you long for (musically and spiritually).

Intentional and continual training within your church is the number one way to achieve a strong and healthy worship ministry.  Success starts at the leadership level. It is important to create and implement a plan for success. 

Worship Leadership Foundations is 9 Weeks of intense training to help you develop systems and habits for success.  During the 9 sessions, we focus on building strong teams, creating boundaries, and leading worship well every week. 

What you can expect to learn

How to grow and train a strong worship team for your church

Navigate the complexities of a growing and changing worship ministry

How to build a strong team of rotating musicians and build multiple bands

Reduce stress by using the same tools and tricks used by growing churches

Skill batching within your ministry to build confidence and success

How to select songs and lead effective worship every week

NOTE: This is not a course on how to play an instrument, sing, play guitar, piano, etc.  This course is focused on leading and building teams.  If you are looking for a courses to learn to play, CLICK HERE and select your instrument.

This is an incredible resource, highly affordable, very simple.
Thom Rainer


Each week includes a Podcasts, Webinars, Video Lesson Sessions, Bible Studies, and my personal Tech Templates/Downloads. 

We begin by exploring and discussing your vision for the future growth and success of your worship ministry.  This is the most important place to start.  Where there is no vision, the people perish. (Proverbs 29:18)  I introduce the God inspired circle and help you learn how to continually get to the next level as you strengthen and reach your goals. 

You will learn how to start small and build a band no matter how small or big your ministry team is right now.  We also decide what model will work best for your ministry (rotating full bands or rotating members within one main band)  

Using the WTK core skill sheet and the skill batching technique, I will show you how to start building teams. 

Continual and intentional training is the key to creating success in your worship ministry.  It’s not hard to implement but you need the right training materials.  This week I will help you get a plan together that will allow you to train more volunteers for your worship and tech ministry.

Your top 50 song list is key to creating success in your bands and for leading your congregation to worship each week.  We will start forming your top 50 and I will provide you with the templates to create a successful top 50 list for your ministry. 

Every week you have to pick songs to lead your congregation into worship.  I will help you with all aspects of selecting set lists that work well and inspire people to follow you into worship each week. 

Apps, software, and technology can make your job so much easier.  These things can also add a layer of complexity and get in the way.  I will show you the best apps and tools that you can implement to save you time, train new team members, and lower the organizational burden.   

When you have a system that works and can play 2-4 months in advance, your job as the worship leader will become exponentially easier.  At least it will feel much easier.  You will also accomplish more and be able to focus on leading worship well.  

Writing great service sheets is the key to a smooth run on Sunday morning.  It will also keep your morning smooth and stress free.  I give you my templates and even my shorthand one-sheet service method to help you with all the key memory points.  

Everybody is doing it right?  This week we will explore some of the tools and setups needed to use click tracks, pads, multi-tracks and increase your production value with simple tools.  When your team is ready to take the plunge into the world of tracks, you will be ready!


This foundational leadership training will help you if you are starting with your first church or if you have been working in the ministry for many years.  One thing I learned early in my ministry is that things are always changing and I had to continue to grow.  

There is no status quo. You are either moving forward or losing ground. 

As a leader and pastor over the ministry of worship in your church, it is extremely important that you continue moving forward, often beyond where you are comfortable.   The best way to do this is invest in yourself as a leader.  As you move forward you will take your whole ministry to a new level. 

Eric Roberts has a great program. I know this is going to be used by God and I think your church can benefit from it.
Jason "Bubba" Stewart
Kentucky Baptist Music & Worship Consultant

success is within reach

“My daughter has been energized about learning the guitar. This course has given her a purpose… Now she’s looking at it and saying “ahh there is an end goal out in front of me! There is a song I’m going to learn how to play!” You’ve done a great job of packing it in a way that gives people an end goal in addition to following a calling that God has put in their heart to lead worship.”
Chris Orr
Worship Leader at Beech Haven Baptist Church in Athens, Georgia
“We added 6 new musicians and leaders to our church worship teams. Aimee and I can’t thank you enough for offering the classes and assistance that you do through Worship the King. Our journey began a little over two years ago with the 30-day challenge and today, we not only lead our team, here at church but have had the privilege of sharing what we’ve learned with others.”
Rob and Aimee Wuethrich
Lead Pastors at Bentley Creek Wesleyan Church in Gillett, PA

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