Worship Guitar Success Kit

First, Watch this!

Do you really want to learn worship guitar? Ask yourself a few questions first…

Are private lessons too expensive?
Are you prepared to spend thousands of dollars on private lessons? If not, that’s ok because you are here right now! One year of private music lessons typically costs $780-$1,150 not including the books, materials and gas money to drive to lessons! Ouch…

Are you looking for the best way to learn… like a proven and structured learning system?
My program will take you step-by-step through your first year and beyond! It is the true strength of the system! It is great for home-study for any age and will not leave you guessing what to do next.

Do you want to learn more than just a few rock riffs?
I’ll show you some riffs, but I really teach you full songs! I want you to be able to play songs and feel great about it. You will have the tools you need to play 100 songs with easy chords right from the beginning!

Do you want to use your gifts for ministry?
You can use my guitar lessons to play any type of music, but my main focus is Christian and praise and worship music. I want to glorify God with my talents and I have focused on that entirely since I became a Christian in 1994. I’ll help you do the same!


I’m going to let you in on a little secret…… All those awesome songs you hear in church and on the radio are really just being played with 3-4 chords! What??? That’s right, you can play all your favorite songs and never have to use more than a few simple chords.

In fact, most great performing mainstream musicians ONLY use the simple
chords that I am about to teach you!


Sure, you CAN make it complicated, but it’s much EASIER to use my simple modern chords and focus on the more important aspects of leading the band and worship. The last worship conference I attended in Nashville I watched one of the worship leaders (he had recently won songwriter of the year) lead a full worship set with only 4 chords!  He went from song to songs and never changed from those 4 modern chords!  It was AWESOME!  It works for the PROS and it will work for YOU!


Here is what you get:

2 awesome lesson books with charts and lesson plans for every week!

Complete lesson plans for every step of the way!

2 amazing easy to play songbooks!

4 DVDS with Up-Close Video Lessons

Special teacher email access and Facebook group to help you along your journey!


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  1. Hey Eric…I bought your learn at home method a few years back and at that time I don’t recall having the facebook page. Can I get added to that?

  2. Would it be correct to say that I get everything in the Worship Guitar Success Kit (except the 8 cords 100 song book) in digital form if I sign up for Gold? Are the same lessons on the DVD free for download with Gold? So Gold would have more to offer me because I am a missionary living overseas in Brazil?


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