Foundations All-Access Worship Team Training Bundle 

The tools you need to grow a strong worship ministry are here!  All church access training modules for guitar, voice, piano, drums, bass, electric guitar, music theory, audio and livestream technology.

Learn at your own pace

View all the content at once or as you are able to implement changes in your ministry.

Watch and Learn anywhere

Learn on any device, any time, with simple streaming video and pdf or lesson content.

Churchwide License

By purchasing the bundle, you can offer unlimited accounts to everyone in your church and ministry.

Training for everyone

Offer an easy path to those interested in learning and joining your worship and tech ministry.

Your next worship leader and team members are sitting in your church.

Continual and intentional training within your church is the number one way to achieve a strong and growing worship and tech team.  In all of my years building bands and tech teams, I have the best way to have success in your worship ministry is to TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN!  Foundations allows you to constantly train new members while keeping your focus and attention on your weekly duties as a worship leader and pastor.

What you can expect to learn

Increase the quality of musicianship and the worship experience in your church

Always have a full stage of excellent musicians

Provide structure and a road map for successful music training

Offers an easy entry point for new people to get involved in worship ministry

Avoid burnout of key musicians and volunteers

Helps raise the level of excellence in your worship ministry


Includes 182 Videos Lessons / 842 Minutes of Training 

Once you can play a few chords and strumming patterns, you can use our songbooks and easy charts to successfully lead worship for small groups, youth group, and even the big church! The foundations courses will help you get started and gain the confidence you need to become a part of the worship ministry in your church and community. [210 Minutes of Videos Lessons]

Singing is one of the most powerful things we do as worshipers. Joining the worship team and leading with your voice takes skill, talent, and practice. We help you learn the most important things including how to warm up, how to sing in the right keys, and how to be a part of the worship team so you can have success as a worship vocalist and use your gifts for God. [110 Minutes of Videos Lessons]

You do not have to learn to read traditional piano music to be a successful piano player. Learning to play piano for your worship ministry doesn’t have to take a lifetime to learn. When you learn how to play piano using simple chords and charts, you can start playing the songs you love in just a few months… not years! [60 Minutes of Videos Lessons]

Don’t be shaking in your boots the next time you have to transpose a song before rehearsal. Understanding music theory is the first step in gaining confidence as a musician. Once I show you key patterns and memory points, you will become a competent and confident musician. [45 Minutes of Videos Lessons]

Brent Nusbaum and Eric Roberts teach you how to play beats and fills, read and interpret drum music, read charts, and play with a click track. Follow along in fun step-by-step sessions and you will gain the skills you need to become a successful worship drummer for your local church or ministry. [122 minutes of video lessons]

Learn the tips, tricks, and techniques that you need to begin your journey to becoming a great bass player. Once you complete the sessions in the bass bundle, you will know all your notes on the bass neck, be able to read and play along with any chord chart, and have the skills needed to join your worship team.  [81 Minutes of Video Lessons]

Playing the electric guitar is very similar to acoustic but you need to know some really specific and cool techniques… I teach you each of the important foundations of electric guitar technique and show you how to apply them to real songs. Once you learn these foundational electric guitar techniques, you will feel right at home once you are plugged in! [106 Minutes of Video Lessons]

The sound person is one of the most important parts of the band but is often overlooked. The audio tech sessions are taught from behind the mixer and focus on the foundations of audio including: gear, stage and system sound setup, effects (EQ, Compression, Reverb), and improving the audio for your livestream. I will teach you how to become the kind of mixer every worship leader dreams of and help you learn the skills needed to be a successful church audio technician. [108 Minutes of Video Lessons]

Learn to lead worship well and build your team with less stress.  Sessions with Eric and Emily Roberts will help you define and reach your goals while building a strong and successful worship ministry and leading it well. 

Videos and sessions are added to the Foundations bundle as we create more content that is relevant to each instrument/topic.  

success is within reach

“My daughter has been energized about learning the guitar. This course has given her a purpose… Now she’s looking at it and saying “ahh there is an end goal out in front of me! There is a song I’m going to learn how to play!” You’ve done a great job of packing it in a way that gives people an end goal in addition to following a calling that God has put in their heart to lead worship.”
Chris Orr
Worship Leader at Beech Haven Baptist Church in Athens, Georgia
“The change came through the course with the simplification of the chords, and the repetition, and the 5 minutes a day… the course really set me off.”
Dan Wilhelm
Bellbrook, Ohio
“Now I look at myself playing and leading worship, it’s just like an extension of my hands now to make music and worship God.”
Wirt Garcia
Pastor and Worship Leader For Middletown Spanish Church in Middletown, Ohio
“We added 6 new musicians and leaders to our church worship teams. Aimee and I can’t thank you enough for offering the classes and assistance that you do through Worship the King. Our journey began a little over two years ago with the 30-day challenge and today, we not only lead our team, here at church but have had the privilege of sharing what we’ve learned with others.”
Rob and Aimee Wuethrich
Lead Pastors at Bentley Creek Wesleyan Church in Gillett, PA

Money Back Guarantee

Don’t worry, we offer a full 30 day, no questions-asked refund policy.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase or the quality of the materials in this bundle, you have 30 days to get a full refund


FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

You have lifetime access to the courses and content in this bundle.  

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Yes!  When you purchase an “all access team bundle”, we encourage you to share your activation code with your team so you can train as many people to be volunteers in your ministry.

It’s simple!  You will receive an activate PDF with your activation code.  You can send the PDF to your group in any way… email it, print it, even put the code and instructions in your church bulletin. 

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