There’s Something Missing

There’s Something Missing

When I started thinking about it this week I realized that if we don’t train new musicians in our church and continue to do it every single day we are missing out on huge opportunities for growth and ministry…. worship music training is LIFE CHANGING!   I put that in all caps because its huge!  I doesn’t matter how big or small your church team is right now… You could have a list of 100 musicians or be struggling to get just 3 people on your worship team every week… it’s all the same.  We must continually train new members or we will decrease and become ineffective…. NO WAY!  Let’s not let that happen to us… to our church… to the body of Christ we serve in our local community. 

I know training is HARD!   Training take TIME!    Training takes EFFORT!   

So where do you start?  How do you teach a drummer, a bass player, a singer… the sound team… Is your mind as boggled as mine?  

I have a solution that is working and makes it EASY for you to train, audition, and onboard new worship team members…. a steady stream of fresh new talented and inspired musicians!  

No WAY!   

But I’m serious!  

Are you? 

If you want to grow and go to the next level I want to talk to you this week!   

Here’s how serious I am… 
Text my PERSONAL CELL PHONE at 615-716-0312 or book a call with me using the button below.  

Let’s just begin the conversation to growing your team, inspiring new musicians and leading worship with excellence. 

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