Continual Training

Guitar, Piano, Voice, Bass, Drums, Music Theory and Audio Tech Training for everyone in your church 24/7 so you can focus on effectively leading worship every week.

Steady Positive Growth

Don't worry about how you are going to do it all... I'm right by your side to help you train and grow your team for a strong ministry now and in the future.

Onboarding With Purpose

People look up at the stage and dream of leading worship one day... We help them grow in skill and put the pieces together so they become a strong part of your team.


Having enough good musicians to pull off your worship services every week is a never ending problem UNLESS you are constantly training and on-boarding new musicians into your ministry.  It takes TIME and can create endless frustration…. but I’m here to help and I have the tools that you need to make training easy.  Together, we can make training and excellence the DNA of your church music program.  If you have questions, please book a call with me.  I’m here for you!

What I keep seeing over and over again is that most churches have a gap when it comes to making it easy to train and get more people involved… that leads to all kinds of problems like burnout, stress, and weeks where it becomes hard to fill all the spots on stage and in the tech booth…  You have big dreams but if you don’t have the right training programs easily accessible, things keep feeling out of reach.  I’m here to help and God will strengthen you and your team as we work together.

For it is not your strength, but it is God who is effectively at work in you, bot to will and to work… that is, strengthening, energizing, and creating in you the longing and ability to fulfill your purpose for His good pleasure  Psalm 2:13


"It’s somewhat limitless what you can do with 3 or 4 chords. Realistically you can sound out most popular songs with those simple chords"
Noah Back
"One of the things that I learned from Eric was the simplicity of most worship songs and the ease at which they can be played. "
Fred Perkins
"The change came through the course with the simplification of the chords, and the repetition, and the 5 minutes a day… the course really set me off."
Dan Wilhelm
"Now I look at myself playing and leading worship, it’s just like an extension of my hands now to make music and worship God"
Wirt Garcia


“I thought I would share with you the journey we’ve been on the last six months. In February my wife and I taught your Beginner Worship Guitar Course to ten students. They performed “How Great is Our God” in church at the conclusion of the class in March. Six of the students stayed on for the next phase of our journey. We gave them four more songs and began working with them to lead worship in June. They did on June 2. We were eight guitars strong and a cajon (to keep the beat).

We gave them another five songs and they led worship again on July 28. We gave them another five songs, bringing them up to a total of 15 songs, 6 chords, and 4 strum patterns and they, once again, led worship, this past Sunday, August 25.

It has always been our intention to launch these guitar players into existing (or new) music ministries in our church. Well, the day has come. Two are joining our Burlington Campus music team (which leads services at our local nursing home). Two are joining the youth worship that takes place prior to Sunday School. And the final two are joining a new worship team being established in the next month. It has been an exciting six months around here. Aimee and I can’t thank you enough for offering the classes and assistance that you do through Worship the King. Our journey began a little over two years ago with the 30-day challenge and today, we not only lead our team, here at church, but have had the privilege of sharing what we’ve learned with others. 

Learn fast. Play well. Worship always.
Your partners in ministry, Rob & Aimee Wuethrich

Books and Online Courses

You get the best of both worlds! Follow along in the ebooks, charts and sheets, watch the online videos and use my special lesson plans to take you every step of the way.

Foundation Check Lists

Every effective worship team member MUST know some important key skills on their instrument or they are going to hurt not help your team. Individuals can follow along and learn the right things in WTK GOLD and start with your team when they are ready.

Interactive Webinars

Ask any question throughout the week and I address them in a live webinar! Also send your video and I will evaluate your progress anytime along the way and at special points in the course

Auditions and Onboarding

Auditions are scary and we have taken the pain out fo the process by providing tools and training to prepare your next generation of team members. You don't have to be the bad guy... You can lead them to the WTK training materials and encourage them to grow to the level that is appropriate for your worship team.


"I tried to learn to play before but always gave up because I thought I coulnd't do it. I started your program recently and now I can play about 70 songs!"
Aaron Immes
Online Student
"I have already learned more in one day than I have with most of the lessons and videos I have purchased to date. I look forward to improving my personal time of worship. God Bless.”
Jim Quoss
"This gives you a great foundation, you can learn at you own pace and within weeks you can play songs that are very well known."
Kyle Heis
Tipp City, Ohio
"I have evaluated every Christian self-study music program on the market. I have spent a lot of money purchasing products. Your course is the most structured and easiest to follow. I am teaching my 4 homeschool kids using your videos and books"
Homeschool Dad
Teaching 4 Kids


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