Take Your Whole Team to GOLD

Take Your Whole Team to GOLD

I know you are serious about worship and that is why I am reaching out to you today… I want to begin an important conversation.  

I’d love to hear how it’s going with you and your journey to become a better musician and a worshiper.  I’d like to hear where you are on your journey and talk about how to grow your team at church and get to the next level.  I know…. some of you don’t lead teams… some of you aren’t even on the worship team yet…. that’s OK… I’m here to help and YOU can play a big role in the future success of your church and the ministry God has called you to as a Christian!

You got this email so I believe that you do have a desire to learn and grow and use your talents to worship God in some way! 

It’s never easy to figure everything out on your own…  But don’t worry because you know what God has put in your heart… At least if you think about it you can remember that dream… right?    God can use you and I will help you navigate the whole process.

How????   The WTK GOLD pass is now available to worship teams and has over 400 video lessons and is growing every month!  Along with TEAM GOLD, I have several options for one-on-one training and consulting with you, your worship leaders, and your team.  We can meet online, here in Nashville, or on site at your church.

The frustration that I see the most is that the worship teams are trying to grow and lead worship together and everyone is at different levels.  Training is the key to getting better as a team.  At WTK, we have created an easy way to access the best worship training on the planet!

I recently did a Facebook Live session and uploaded it to the WTK YouTube…. I talked about having the courage to step out and do something new like this… I explain how Dan the Milk Man says… “all God need is your YES!”   Watch on YouTube at about 13 minute mark… right here… 

It’s so important for our churches to build strong and effective worship teams so the church is powerful and healthy!  In all my years leading worship programs, I was always learning, always growing, and always striving to get to the next level with my team and my musicians…  God can use you to help your team and your church grow in worship and I’d love to be standing right by your side during the process!  

No matter what level you are, if God has put a desire in your heart to do ministry, to do worship music, to lead and grow in your church, please know that you can be used by God in all of this.  Book a quick call with me and let’s talk about it! http://ericroberts.youcanbook.me

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